System Guide
Time Conversion Chart
Time in Book Time on Game
1 minute 10 minutes
1 turn 1 full round
1 hour 2 hours
1 day 1 day/24 IC hours

System To-Do Notes

  • For game ease, we CAN state that all 'minutes' are turns. I have seen this done on other systems and it works out okay.Players don't seem to have problems with understanding minute=turns/turns=rounds. It just needs to be clearly noted in house rules. ~ Occult
    • If we want effects to automatically time out after XX amount of time I need a set time to code into the system. We'll likely have to look at each individually as there's a wide range of variables (1 minute, 10 minutes, 1 hour, etc) but we should try to be consistent. ~ Mystic

Pending System Jobs

Completed System Jobs

  • 1/26/18 - Placed the page ~ Occult
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