Of all of the supernatural creatures through the ages, few are as well known as the Vampyre. Legends of the monsters have run rampant through the mythology of many a culture. They are the beast at the center of popular movies and books, of fantasies and fear. These damned beings live forever, driven by their need to drink the blood of the living. One would be hard pressed to find a single person who does not know even a little vampyre lore, and while most of it is merely made-up lore used to feed the public's fascination with these supernatural creatures, some of the legends are not very far from fact.

Vampyre Creation

While mythology would lead one to believe that someone must be bitten by a vampire, or drink vampire blood in order to become one of the undead, this could not be farther from the truth. In reality, a Vampyre is created when a dying human refuses to leave their body. This act is rare and only the strongest willed (or deeply desperate) souls can even succeed at grappling themselves to their dead shell. Whatever the reason for a spirit to hang on to their expired human form, the end result is always the same, a creature of Essence bound to a corpse.

Once a member of the court of the living dead, the vampyres find they are more attuned to emotions, specifically emotions such as pain and pleasure. For one to become a Vampyre means that one will also become a slave to the temptations of the flesh. For vampyres emotions are magnified tenfold, and these sensations and feelings are savored. Beyond becoming a supernatural sensation junkie, vamyres will also find that their bodies will no longer age or endure human diseases.

Being a vampyre is not all fun and games. The price for immortality is high. Maintaining the semblance of life in a dead body requires a constant flow of essence,and that essence must be taken from others. Furthermore, only the Essence of intelligent beings will do.

Myths and Facts

  • Myth: Vampyres need to drink blood to survive.
    • False: While some vampyres do drain their victims of their blood slowly, it is not to feed upon. In fact, vampires have no real need to consume blood at all. Unlike the popular myth, Vampyres are creatures who siphon essence from other intelligent beings who are experiencing intense emotions. Especially strong emotions such as love, fear and sexual ecstasy are the best emotions for a Vampyre’s needs. To feed, the undead must inspire any of these emotions on their victims. Some do not stop until the victim has nothing more to give.
  • Myth: Vampyres are evil creatures of the night.
    • False: The Nosferatu are not always evil, however. True, they were once seduced into rejecting the Cycle of Life and Death, but many are no more malevolent than any mundane, and some are a great deal more humane and kind. Many Vampyres live to enjoy intense experiences, and would not harm anybody without good cause. The feeling of superiority over humankind is hard to overcome, however, and most Vampyres fall prey to hubris at some point of their existence.

Most Vampyres are lone hunters, although small bands of the creatures, often led by their creator, sometimes travel and hunt together. There are rumors of a “Vampyre Covenant” that operates throughout some major cities of the world, but very few Gifted have heard more then a few rumors and wild tales about this, and no proof has ever been widely presented.

The signs of the Reckoning include an increase in the number of Vampyres being “born” through the simple refusal to Move On. Some Vampyres see the approaching time of troubles with the same trepidation as humans, seeing the end of their peace of mind and prosperity, and they have started taking action to help prevent this disaster.

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